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Our Clients Say

Maureen, NJ

When my dad was hospitalized, it felt like we were playing Whac-a-Mole: every time one symptom or concern was resolved, another popped up. It was totally overwhelming. But having Dr. Trend in our corner made a huge difference. She knew the right questions to ask, how to resolve conflicting opinions across multiple specialists, and how to translate all the medical jargon into language and concepts we could understand. She gave our family peace of mind during a very stressful time and I'm so grateful.

Bill, NJ

Dr. Trend reviewed my medical records, discussed my questions and concerns before doctors' appointments, and actually attended appointments with me on speaker phone to make sure my doctor and I understood each other. She helped me find a doctor for a second opinion and arranged to have my records sent to him. It was a huge help to have Dr. Trend speak directly to the specialist, to answer some of his more technical questions, and to make sure he knew all of the pertinent details of my history. Dr. Trend made sure my wife and I always left our appointments with a clear understanding of my diagnoses and treatment plan.

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