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About Dr. Trend

During her 20+ years as a practicing pediatrician, Dr. Carolyn Trend saw just how complex and frustrating the healthcare system can be. More importantly, she learned to help patients and their families understand and navigate this system. When a close family member was diagnosed with a serious illness, Dr. Trend understood on a deeper level the overwhelming stress that accompanies the illness of a loved one. Having recently retired from clinical medicine, Dr. Trend had the medical knowledge, experience, and time to ensure her loved one received the excellent care he deserved, but she realized that most people don't have the advantages of a medical degree and spare time to negotiate the complexities of the healthcare system. 

As an independent health advocate, Dr. Trend draws on her professional and personal experience to help her clients navigate the healthcare system. She can explain complex issues in plain English, help you understand your health conditions and the treatments you are receiving, and enhance communication between you and your medical providers. Offering a range of services to help you and your loved ones navigate the healthcare system, Dr. Trend will be the doctor in your corner. 

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