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Overview of Services

Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis, managing a chronic illness, caring for an ill or aging loved one, or feeling confused and overwhelmed by the healthcare system, Trend Health Advocacy offers a range of services to help ease your burden. Click here to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call with Dr. Trend to discuss your individual needs. 

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Communication Liaison

  • Explain diagnoses,  test results, and treatments

  • Bridge communication gaps among providers, patients, and family members

  • Prepare you for upcoming appointments

  • Speak directly to your care providers 

  • Accompany you to medical appointments (as permitted by your providers)

Medical and health service manager planning improvements to better patient care at facilit

Care Coordination

  • Schedule medical appointments

  • Arrange second opinions

  • Coordinate and/or attend family meetings

  • Research home healthcare, assisted living, skilled nursing, and hospice facilities

  • Review medications to minimize duplication and risk of interactions

  • Organize your health information and resources for increased clarity and accessibilty


Billing/Insurance Assistance 

  • Review medical bills to ensure accuracy

  • Research and compare various insurance plan options

  • Verify insurance benefits for providers, facilities, and procedures

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